Western District Historic Vehicle Club
Q.• Can you tell us please what makes you
want to dive into the pool to compete?

A• . The starter gun goes off and I love racing
because it is fun and then seeing if I am getting
faster and doing personal bests (PBs).

Q.• Do you have a special diet to help you with
the demands of swimming?

A• . Yes I do really. I always try to eat very healthily and not too much at a time. I only have junkfood every now and then. I have fruit salad
every morning and a kale and other vegetable
shake every day too. Sometimes I put apple,
celery, carrot, cucumber, and berries in it all
juiced up with coconut water. Mum gives me
broccoli every night too which I love.

Q.• What do you love most about swimming
and what don’t you like about swimming?

A• . I love getting up in the mornings and I feel good after training. I feel healthy and fresh. I also meet new friends and we chat. I also get lots of new togs and bikinis for training. There is
nothing I don’t like about swimming.

Q.• And lastly what have been your biggest
achievements in the swimming pool?

A• . I have got lots of medals and I hold 14 World Records. I was the Top Female Swimmer in Taiwan in 2010, Italy in 2012 and Mexico in 2014.
The Club had a guest speaker Phoebe Mitchell and members were left with mouths opened and amazed looks at what this girl has acheived.
We were also astounded at the lack of backing the Government has given to her, for her successful efforts at putting Australia on top of the medals list