Western District Historic Vehicle Club
New Life Members Appointed
Judith Matthews & Graham Pretlove
At the Club meeting held on 8 January 2019, the Committee presented a recommendation that Honorary Life Membership be conferred on two members, Judith Matthews and Graeme Pretlove.Fellow Life Member Trevor Schneider presented brief membership profiles, summarising both members’ involvement and support of theW.D.H.V.C. over many years.The meeting overwhelmingly resolved to conferHonorary Life Membership on
Judith Matthews and Graeme Pretlove.
Judith has been a member of the Western District
Historic Vehicles Club for over 50 years since the
Club was first formed. During that time she has
maintained a keen interest in all aspects of the Club.
In the 1980s, Judith and Ray jointly edited the Club
magazine “Backfire”.
In those days, the Editors had to produce the monthly magazine using the slow manual processes of the day,
without the benefit of today’s technology, so the task
of Editors required the dedication of a considerable
amount of time, skill, and patience.
In 1985, Judith was voted as “Club person Of The
Year” by a popular members vote, recognising her
valuable and ongoing dedication to the W.D.H.V.C.
For many years during the 1990s, Judith accepted
the responsibility for the control and management
of the Club garments and Club memorabilia, a task
that she willingly and enthusiastically carried out.
In the 1990s , Judith also managed the Club library
for several years.
Over the 50 years of our Club, Judith has faithfully
kept record of various aspects of activities, such as
a complete record of guest speakers at general
meetings. Her records summarise many aspects of
members and member’s vehicles. This has been
extremely valuable when the Club has celebrated
milestone events, as information provided by Judith
has enabled many of the historic aspects of our
Club to be documented. Judith has generously
given of her time over the life of the Club to
actually be our unofficial Historian, such is the
breadth of information recorded by her.
Judith has been an enthusiastic member and active
participant in our Club since its inception, and she
has made a valued contribution to the ongoing
function of the W.D.H.V.C. Much of Judith’s
involvement has been reliably carried out in the
background without fanfare, and we hereby
recognise her positive influence in the success of
the W.D.H.V.C.  
- Trevor Schneider
JUDITH MATTHEWS - Member Profile
GRAHAM PRETLOVE - Member Profile
Graham has been a member of the W.D.H.V.C. for over 25 years and in that time he has been an active participant in numerous Club activities, organising annual events such as the Hot Dog rally and the Economy run. At the Bay City Swap each year, Graham plays a vital role in co-ordinating some of the layout and parking. He has served as a Committee member of our Club for several years and was the Program Director from 2002 to 2005 and Club Secretary from 2012 to 2014.
When the Clubrooms were extended in 1996 and the toilets added in 2000, Graham organised and co-ordinated the working bee volunteers painting of the interior and exterior, ensuring that the finish was of a high standard. As a professional painter himself, Graham carried much of this work in his own time and has continued his involvement in the ongoing maintenance of the clubrooms.
Over many years Graham has provided valuable assistance with displays in the clubrooms, refurbishing the petrol pumps, assisting with model car displays and attending to many of the photo displays.
The mural on the wall behind the stage
was installed by Graham and it demonstrates his attention to detail and desire to assist the Club wherever possible.
Graham is a valued Club member who has
generously and actively been involved with
establishing the excellent facilities that the Club now enjoys. 
- Trevor Schneider